What we provide for you

Conceptual Design

The first step in a design process is to meet with our clients in order to form a good understanding of their requirements, needs and style. This is followed by a site analysis involving a site visit where practicable. The site analysis will take into consideration location, orientation, views, prevailing weather patterns and site features. A feature survey carried out by a licensed surveyor is indispensible in this process. Before any conceptual work is begun, we examine relevant requirements of the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) as well as compliance matters where the site is located within a bushfire prone area. Occasionally there are planning scheme provisions or subdivision design guidelines to take into account as well. At the conceptual design stage we combine all these factors into a concept, expressed by way of accurately scaled, hand-drawn design sketches. These concept sketches will be refined following a process of further consultation with our client.

Development (Planning) Applications

Buildings to be constructed on higher density sites, or in bushfire prone areas are subject to planning approval (also called Development approval). Planning Approval must be obtained prior to lodging for a building permit. A planning application typically consists of 1) a CAD drawn site plan, showing orientation, site features and impact on adjoining properties by way of overlooking and overshadowing diagrams, 2) floorplan(s) showing all rooms, door and window openings and overall dimensions, 3) elevations, showing a/o openings, heights, materials and finishes and 4) where applicable, a Bushfire Attack Level assessment prepared by a suitably qualified consultant.

Design Development

The documentation process (ie production of Building Permit / construction documents) commences with design development. This entails a careful review of all relevant planning and Building Code compliance matters, to ensure that the proposed build follows the R-Codes, National Construction Code and applicable Australian Standards in every aspect.

Liaison with Consultants

Minimum requirements for a Building Permit application, require the engagement of a structural engineer and an energy efficiency consultant. Sometimes projects, due to their very nature or their complexity require the engagement of further consultants, such as electrical, plumbing or airconditioning consultants. As the documentation process progresses, we obtain quotes and present these to our client for consideration. Once the required consultants have been engaged by our client, we liaise with them, coordinating the completion of the Building Permit and construction documentation.

Building Permit Applications

Every building project, which is of a structural nature, and is valued over $20,000 requires a Building Permit to be obtained from the relevant local authority. Typically a Building Permit application will consist of a set of architectural construction drawings and a project specification, certified structural drawings and an energy efficiency report and will be submitted by the appointed builder. The application is assessed by a private assessor or by the local autority’s building surveyor. Once approved, the Building Permit will be issued to the appointed builder and the construction process is ready to commence.


The Building Permit documentation prepared by us and by the client-appointed consultants, is generally adequate for the construction of a building project. At times however additional detail is required, particularly where the project’s complexity demands it. We can provide the necessary detail upon request, to aid the construction of the building project.

Interior Design and Colour & Finishes Selections

Integral to a successful design concept, is the selection of colours and finishes, both exterior and interior. We can provide both, and at the request of our clients will also broaden interior selections to include floor coverings and soft furnishings, so your project appeals to your personal style and taste in every way.